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Version: 5.5.7

Supported Desktop Platforms:
Windows XP
Windows 2003
Windows Vista (32/64) bit
Windows 7 (32/64) bit
Windows 8 / 8.1 (32/64) bit
Windows 10 (32/64) bit

Mac OS X 10.6 "Snow Leopard" and up

Supported Mobile Platforms:
iPhone / iPad with iOS 6 and up
Windows Phone 8.1
Android 2.3 and up

Price: $99.95 (USD) and up
License is permanent and never expires.
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Employee Monitoring and Why It is Essential for Your Business

Businesses worldwide suffer from employees not doing what they are paid to do. With that costing business a lot of money and time, especially small businesses or those who are struggling to get on top of their competition.


Why is employee monitoring software essential for your business?

Employee monitoring software has become an essential part of any business because it helps businesses track employee activity and prevent employees from sharing confidential company data by uploading it to their personal cloud or downloading it to their USB drives.

The web opens prime avenues for employees to expose sensitive or regulated data. This makes for a major blind spot where companies can be at risk:

  • Of employees running application reports to collect sensitive data.
  • Of employees installing remote control applications to work from home.
  • Of employees uploading sensitive data to their personal cloud or downloading it to their USB drive.


What can employers track?

Employers can record and track any screen activity with Desktop Recorder and then export it as MPEG4 (video) or JPEG (pictures). This comes in very useful when employers are not on their computers or phones/tablets.

They can also log and export any Internet Usage and Application Usage data using Reporting.

Keystroke Logging and exporting of all presses keys in a specific time frame is also available.


Biggest benefits of employee monitoring

Businesses can save large sums of money that they are spending on employee wages and development. It can particularly help small and struggling businesses.

It increases productivity and lessens the time wasted of employees slacking off.

It offers security measures to protect confidential data and the integrity of a company.


The most important features for employee monitoring:

Mobile support

Available for mobiles and tablets

Employers can track and monitor employee activity from anywhere, simply by using a smartphone/tablet. They can also remotely control any employee's computer with the built in mouse and keyboard.


Is employee monitoring legal?

Employee monitoring is legal as long the software is installed on a computer that is owned by the person or organisation that installs it. If you are worried about this, consult your local and state laws.

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Net Monitor for Employees Professional - Licenses

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5 computers

Monitor five computers.


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10 computers

Monitor ten computers.


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25 computers

Monitor twenty-five computers.


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50 computers

Monitor fifty computers.


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Site License

Monitor an unlimited amount of computers owned by one organization or company. All computers must be located in one building.


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Net Monitor for Employees Professional - Educational License

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Educational Site License

License to monitor an unlimited amount of student computers owned by one educational organization or school. All PCs must be
located in one building.


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School District License

License to monitor all computers in all schools that are part of one school district. All computers must be located in one country.


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